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About YNA

YNA - Experts in Naval Architecture for well functioning Yachts.

We are the company that provides naval architectural knowledge for Owner's Representatives, Build Teams, Yacht Crews & Managers.
Since 2011 we are offering services from Hamburg | Germany for new build teams, refit teams and operating yachts from 70m to 150m+, locally and all over Europe. We work for major yacht management companies and are a strong partner for yacht crews, that manage themselves.
Our services are mainly tailored around our clients needs:


If you are looking after a new build, then we're the right partner for you. Our specialty is our strong experience on both sides, the design / construction and the technical operation of Yachts: the combination of theory and practice. What makes us a strong partner is our own background in owner's representation. We will think the same way.

Build Teams

We can link in to your new build team with our background in naval architectural consultation for yacht new builds. Additionally to the purely technical side of it, we also consult on contractual impacts and can provide strategies on how to approach them. We are a strong partner for every new build team, if on demand or on a constant basis.

Crews &

We believe that naval architectural services for operating Yachts are more than just the theory behind it. The impact on operability, manageability and the value of a Yacht has to be understood in order to provide good services. That's why we offer access to straight forward naval architectural services, while keeping in mind their operational impact.


Here are some examples of projects that we are or have been involved in:

  • All
  • New Build
  • Refit
  • Operating Yachts
PYC is our specialty! Involvement in more than 5 new build projects or concepts.
Refits YNA has experience from several refits of yachts bigger and smaller than 100m in length.
As experts for hydrostatics we supervised or conducted several inclining experiments, stability reviews and booklets, ...
Onboard Stability YNA provides the onboard stability Software Autoload in association with Autoship (UK)
LY3 Yachts YNA is and has been involved in builds and concept developments of several LY2/3 Yachts.
Feasibility & Specifications For refits we did a lot: Bow thruster upgrade, bathing platform extensions, 3D hull scans...
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